About Services

I offer specialized presentations and workshops   addressing the complex issues that often arise in an individual on the autism spectrum:  


  • sensory dysfunction

  • resistance to changes in routine

  • navigating transitions

  • self advocacy

  • social issues

  • narrow range of interest


  • Conferences

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Student and Youth Groups

  • Parent Groups

  • Community Centers

  • Schools

I offer talks individually and with my mother Polly Emmons, an educator, consultant,and  co- author of Understanding Sensory Dysfunction. 

Colleges, Schools, and Educational Organizations:

I offer workshops, trainings, and forums for faculty and staff

  •  Classroom dynamics, communication and organization strategies, hidden issues impacting performance, encouraging engagement

  • creating curriculum with autistic students in mind.

  • Organizing and maintaining student groups

  • integrating life and social skills and traditional education

 I also offer consultation services for Accessibility/ Student Support Services , Continuing Education and General Education departments

Consulting for organizations

In consulting, I interact with an organization's employees and clients, observe work environments, and speak with those "behind the scenes" to respond to an organization's concerns in working with employees and or clients with disabilities.

Clients include: 

  • School districts

  • Support groups

  • Care facilities

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Employers

  • Law Enforcement

  • Colleges/Universities