About the Presentations

I offer specialized presentations and workshops with the aim of helping  parents, family members, educators, Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapists, employers, and coworkers relate to people living with autism.  These talks offer a practical means of addressing the complex issues that often arise in an individual on the autism spectrum:  

How do an autistic person's sensory environment  and their struggles processing and reacting to it influence their challenges in social situations?  

How is it possible to overcome resistance to changes in routine, or difficulty with transitions?  

How is it possible to connect more with individuals on the autism spectrum?

The talks typically combine background information on the disorder, my own experiences living with Asperger's, and strategies and coping mechanisms known to make a difference.

I offer talks individually and with my mother Polly Emmons, an educator, consultant,and  co- author of Understanding Sensory Dysfunction. 




Trainings are individually tailored to  help  professionals in a given field work through the unique set of challenges  that arise when interacting with individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Trainings focus on strategies for working through commonly occurring scenarios and also address any questions and concerns raised by the professional. I offer trainings for:

  •  teachers
  •  therapists
  •  counselors 
  • and other  professionals 


Presentations topics include: how to understand and work through challenging behaviors, how to more smoothly navigate transitions, how to recognize and help with sensory struggles, how to talk about social issues, transitioning out of high school, college life on the spectrum, and more.

  •  for parents, family members,
  •  caretakers
  •  friends of those on the autism spectrum.   


Consulting for organizations

In consulting, I offer my perspective as someone living on the Autism  Spectrum  to help organizations to work better with their clients and employees who may have autism.  I interact with an organization's employees and clients, observe work environments, and speak with those "behind the scenes" to respond to an organization's concerns.

Clients include: 

  • School districts
  • Support groups
  • Care facilities 
  • Healthcare professionals 
  • Employers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Colleges/Universities